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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

$ 38.98 $ 59.99
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  • All Around Deep Cleaning: The oral care tool’s super safe deluxe cleaning head can easily reach any area in your mouth, including deep and hidden areas that are not easy to clean at all. 
  • Advanced High-Frequency Cleaning: Remove stubborn plaque, tooth stains, tartar, and dental calculus in an instant. Win the war against smoke and tea stains, as well as daily dental troubles.


  • A Complete Household Oral Care Tool:  The teeth cleaning kit comes with a deluxe cleaning head and a USB rechargeable battery that works with any laptop, power bank, and cellphone charger. This plaque scraper and teeth whitening tool combo is small, compact, and portable enough to fit in any pouch or purse.
  • Super Safe for your Mouth: This ultrasonic calculus remover uses only safe food-grade silicone and medical-grade steel, and not any unhealthy additives or rust-prone metal. 

  • Extra Easy Daily Cleaning: Keep your tooth’s enamel in purely cavity free condition and feel like you’ve flossed better than ever with the ultrasonic calculus remover’s professional cleaning head and high frequency cleaning vibrations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Taty L.

Once I turned up the power, stuff started coming off. Even on the second strongest setting it was still pretty gentle and there was never any pain during or after. I highly recommend, hell, I wish I had bought this years ago!


I had tarter build up on the back of my bottom teeth that turned dark from smoking. This product took it off so quickly. Its like going to the dentist without the fear, anxiety or pain.


When you turn the plaque remover wand on, it does not make a sound, but when it is against tartar you can hear the a low tone-high pitch sound and feel the warmth of it working. There is no vibration at all.


Used this for the past couple of days as I had heard good things about these gadgets. I used to use dental floss but I wont be any more as this does a much better job than floss and is more gentle on your gums.


It's totally worth it! These are super affordable compared to visiting the dentist or hygienist. This cleaner helps clean the plaques, tartars and food particles which have stck between teeth. I am in love with this product.

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